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If you want to be an intervention partner or volunteer your time
please check out the links below for more information  

Intervention Partners

The interventions will provide:

  • Local provision A mechanism for change

  • Long-lasting diversion opportunities

The services need to be based on the individual needs of the presented young person, to make sure they have the best chance to succeed. Interventions will be the extended arm of the Peer Hearing and Standby process.

We are looking for interventions that offer:

  • Services/activities to young people aged 11-25 

  • Services to parents/families

  • Therapeutic support Activities based within the community

  • Faith groups


We are looking for volunteers aged 14-25 years to give their time to positively help the presented young person review and reflect on their Outcome 22 through motivational conversations.  In return, we will provide accreditations, expenses and rewards, alongside the opportunity to have a voice in how the justice system delivers services.
We are also looking for Volunteers aged 18+ who can help with interventions and the day-to-day running of services within Jonah's Project Interception Hub.

Strategic Partners

We are open and welcome support from Strategic Partners who can help us to develop, learn and grow our services.

This could be in the form of promoting us, free training opportunities, funds, equipment or partnerships.

Referral Partners

This section is specifically for our Peer Hearing and Standby referral partners:

  • West Midlands Police

  • Birmingham Children's Trust

  • St Giles

  • Criminal Justice Liasion and Diversion 


We appreciate that life is busy and it can be hard to commit time through volunteering but you may want to help by donating towards our services.

We appreciate any donation no matter how small, as for us every penny counts, to help ensure we continue to provide the best support to not only the young people we engage but also the volunteers who give us their time 

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Contact Us 

Feel free to contact us through any of the methods below


2nd Floor Clarence Chambers
39 Corporation Street
B2 4LS


07384 409 747



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