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Our tagline is a "safe place for positive reflection". Although we are not a religious company or affiliated with any religion, the core ethos and morals of our company are based on the Bible story of Jonah and the Whale. 

The basis of the story is that God called on Jonah to deliver his word to the people and Jonah refused, Turned his back, making the wrong choice. This led him to face God and be swallowed by a Whale. Jonah reflected on the choices he had made and chose to make right his wrongs and go forth on the right path.
So, using this story, we offer a safe place for positive reflection assisting the young people we engage to reflect on their choices, turning their negative situations, issue or experience into positive life lessons..... So effectively, we become the Whale!!!

We pride ourselves in working in a reflective manner using an inside-out approach. This means that we work with young people to address their invisible issues. Providing them with relevant support and empowerment to enable them to make a positive change outwardly towards the right path, for them to be the best version of themselves. 

We do this by making sure that we engage and build positive relationships with the young people by getting to know each one of them personally. As well as this, we also keep our knowledge base up to date to enable us to offer the best service, non-judgmental support and advice and guidance for our young people to be the best. We combine theory and practice as we believe it is paramount in allowing us to deliver at our best!

The core staff team is an all-black team with a mixture of qualified and lived experience youth workers, who have gained experience through working in many different settings such as youth centres, alternative provisions, pupil referral units and residential homes. These experiences have been crucial to the building and future planning of Jonah's Project.

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