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Peer Hearing is our adaptation of US versions of community courts.  Our version is for young people aged 11-25 years who have received an outcome 22 from either the Police or Birmingham YOS who will make the referral on behalf of the young person on a voluntary basis.

Research has shown that there are high success rates through Peer and Community-led courts across the world, inclusive of the UK. Combining our research and passion we believe that this is a structure that would benefit the young people within Birmingham.                               

We were able to build our own model with the full support of the West Midlands PCC that we feel encompasses young people who are referred in a way that will allow them access to long-term diversion and support, as views from the young people we work with feel that short-term support has proven to be less effective.

Our young people have shared stories with us about their interactions with the Police and Criminal Justice System, with the prominent aspect being identified as the absence of early interventions; meaning they were unable to access support, guidance, or diversions. We hope that with Peer Hearing we can prevent this from happening to other young people.

The peer hearing seeks to help reduce low-level offending by using a collaborative problem-solving approach to crime, working with statutory bodies, communities, grassroots companies, faith-based groups, businesses and most importantly with young people leading from the front.

The Peer Hearing endeavours to work with young people and help them to understand and address the underlying factors that can lead to criminal behaviour

Our vision is to have our young people direct our aims and objectives whilst incorporating them into our "hub".​

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